Preparing For Your Reiki Session


What to do before your session:

Relax and Reflect

Take some time to breathe, sit and reflect.

Try to do this at least 30 minutes before your session in order to recognize how your body is feeling and acknowledge your emotions, thoughts or physical reactions.

Eat and Hydrate

Making sure you have eaten and are keeping hydrated prior to your session is important for your comfort and focus levels. If you are hungry or thirsty, you will be uncomfortable and unable to focus on the healing.

However, try to avoid eating a heavy meal otherwise your body will be using its energy to digest, rather than directing it at your treatment.

Be Comfortable

It is recommended you wear comfortable clothes to your session. You may be lying down or sat in a chair for the session, so comfort is important. Take socks with you in case you are required to remove your shoes and don’t want your feet to get cold.

Don’t forget to use the restroom before the session begins and if you are finding the position uncomfortable, do communicate with the practitioner so you can reshuffle and get more settled.


What to do after your session:


Many people find the treatment benefits occur as soon as the session is over, therefore it is important to find somewhere quiet. Reiki professionals recommend taking at least 20 minutes after the session to meditate or take some quiet time for yourself.


After any energy work, it is important to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink one to two glasses of water once the session is over.


It is common to find yourself feeling hungry once the session is completed. Eating can help to keep the body grounded and you may find that a bite or two of dark chocolate can be quite restorative.


It is helpful to reflect on the session while your emotions and feelings are heightened. Carry a journal or diary in your bag to capture any thoughts occurring immediately after the session.