Creating a balanced life is essential for survival.

Here are some ways to start creating a balanced life.

Try to do them daily. Create a chart/checklist for yourself.

Ways to balance your daily life.

(key elements to consider when balancing your life)
    • Accomplishments: ( e.g. organize a room, pay bills, complete goals)
  • Exercise: (e.g. take a walk, take a class, yard work, work out at home or gym)
  • Social: (e.g. invite a friend over or go out to eat, attend a book club, to a gathering, volunteer, write or email someone)
  • Nutrition: (e.g. try a new fruit or veggie, eat organic, try  new healthy                               recipe)
  • Spirituality: (e.g. go to your spiritual center, read a spiritual book or self                            nurturing book, meditate, give back to the community)
  • Pleasure: (e.g. go to dinner, to the beach, take a hike, go to a spa,                                 museum, take a road trip, play games)